Analytical CRM

Using your customer data, we can extract new information and identify relevant patterns. These insights can be enriched with additional data and refined further. The result: comprehensive and precise customer profiles that help you to define the right introductory and follow-up products and to address suitable customers using the right communication channel. Based on these findings, statistical doubles of your customers can be addressed to attract new customers.

What does your current customer base look like? What differentiates your customer groups from one another?

What communication channels are your customers using and what are their motives for purchasing?

Which promotions will most likely lead to success with which customers?

Where is there potential? Analysis of market penetration and customer requirements

What is the best way to reach new customers?

Increase customer loyalty with insight-based campaigns and expand existing customer relationships

Convincing approach to prospective customers and customer loyalty


Learn more about your visitors at the Point of Sale (POS). Thanks to geofencing, we can record anonymous store visitors at the POS in accordance with data protection regulations and contact them digitally. Furthermore, we can describe an corresponding customer type using mathematical methods. This general type is then used to select ``Lookalikes`` for the data protection-compliant communication with target groups.

Which customer types are at the POS?

What are the interests of the various customer types?

Efficient approach to new customers based on precise customer types

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Community Insights

What do consumers think about your brand, your products or the competition? Social Listening is a good way of finding out, but very large and unstructured amounts of data are generated daily in social networks, forums and blogs. The real challenge is to filter the crucial content from the flood of data and identify brand-relevant influencers. Community Insights from Schober now does that for you.

Recognises the behavior and buying motives of your customers and prospects

Attitudes towards brand, product and competition

Identify measures for marketing and product development

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Segmentation 2.0

Using customer segmentation, customer clusters can be identified from your CRM data and then approached separately for each cluster. Persona formation and segmentation 2.0 go further: You can draw a comprehensive picture of fictitious persons who correspond to your customer types in accordance with data protection regulations. This enables you to accurately match your communication to these sample personas.

Creation of personas that represent your customer types

Coordination of communication via personas

Increase in sales thanks to a relevant communication approach

Customer Journey Analytics

The average consumer needs 6 touchpoints before making a purchase. Potential customers get in touch with your company via various channels on the customer journey. With our cross-channel identifiers you can learn which route your customer took from your homepage, via Facebook, XING, LinkedIn, Google, News etc. to get in touch with your company. Connect these touchpoints and react in real time - with Customer Journey Analytics.

Train our integrated artificial intelligence to optimise your marketing budget

Consolidation of your data silos and creation of a central customer profile

Cross-Channel and Contextual Actions

Personalised communication in real time

Individual customer profiles based on actions and interests

AI-driven optimisation of communication and budget recommendations

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