Touchpoint E-Mail

Data depth and range – taken together they are unbeatable. With us, you have access to around 40 million e-mail addresses in the B2B and B2C sectors as well as to a variety of selection features for clear target group profiles. We offer complete campaign management including design so that you don't have to do anything.

Ongoing success monitoring through real-time reporting with opening and click rates

Measurement of campaign performance via CPC, CPL or CPO

Certifications guarantee data security and legally compliant e-mail marketing through double opt-in generated e-mail addresses.

Powerful email marketing technology XCampaign

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Touchpoint Display

We will prepare your CRM data for display campaigns: With Data OnBoarding, we link your data with our online profiles. This enables you to communicate effortlessly with your customers and prospective customers online based on target groups.

Linked offline and online data

Bookable third-party data for targeted display campaigns

Data protection-compliant and individualised communication

Touchpoint Mobile

Are you looking for concentrated data power for targeted mobile campaigns? We support data protection compliant matching of mobile devices with anonymous profiles based on your CRM data. That is target-specific mobile targeting.

Value-added through linked offline and mobile data

Bookable third-party data for targeted mobile campaigns

Data protection-compliant and individualised communication

Customer Journey Analytics

The normal consumer needs 6 touchpoints beforep making a purchase. Potential customers come into contact with your company via various channels on the Customer Journey. With our cross-channel identifiers you can learn which route your customer took from your homepage, via Facebook, XING, LinkedIn, Google, News etc. to make contact with your company. Connect these touchpoints and react in real time - with Customer Journey Analytics.

Train our integrated artificial intelligence to optimise your marketing budget

Consolidation of your data silos and creation of a central customer profile

Cross-Channel and Contextual Actions

Personalised communication in real time

Individual customer profiles based on actions and interests

AI-driven optimisation of communication and budget recommendations

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