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Bastian Zeltwanger

“Digitization is what drives me.”

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About the freedom to do what the ambition burns for

Anyone who talks to Bastian Zeltwanger immediately notices what is really important to him. “What drives me? My passion is digitization, that’s the common thread in my life,” he says with conviction. Since the beginning of 2022, the digitization specialist has been a senior consultant at the Schober Information Group, supporting companies in their digital transformation in marketing and sales.

Bastian Zeltwanger

It all began in beautiful Tübingen

Bastian was born and raised in the charming university town of Tübingen. He started his professional life after school with a mechatronics apprenticeship and subsequently gained more than 8 years of professional experience in marketing and sales in the family business. “It was a good start, but the whole time I felt like I was missing something; that I hadn’t yet found what really matters to me, what my ambition burns for: digital focus.”

Passion for digitalization: The Mobile University and Schober’s reputation

Ambitious he is indeed. He is studying part-time at SRH Fernhochschule – The Mobile University, where he is majoring in business administration and digitization. Completely online is the study, with a duration of about 3 ½ years and the bachelor’s degree. “Here, for the first time, I was able to live out my thirst for knowledge in relation to digital issues,” he says happily, and tells of his decision – inspired by the theoretical gain – to also look for a new professional challenge that brings the digital approach to the fore. And lo and behold. He becomes aware of Schober via LinkedIn, and with his attitude, nothing stands in the way of his new future.

Data, AI, automation and udo

“What I liked about Schober right away,” explains Bastian, “is this change from an address service provider to a digital solution provider. That Schober accompanies companies in their digital transformation and opens up digital business fields. At Schober, we have the advantage of having a huge data universe and harnessing this data with the help of analytical methods, technologies and AI,” he emphasizes proudly. Above all, he is fascinated by the intelligent technology platform universal data orchestration (udo) developed by Schober, which creates real added value with its 360° view of customers. In his role as a senior consultant, he can help clients improve processes in marketing and sales, digitizing and automating them. This brings Schober customers more leads and more sales while reducing their process costs.

As simple as possible, up to the apartment

Incidentally, improving and automating processes is something that also plays an important role in Bastian’s private life and is typical of him: “I don’t like unnecessary things and want to make everything as simple as possible,” he says, describing his approach. “Even in my studies when doing homework, I try to optimize and automate everything as best as possible.”

Speaking of private life: Since it is not always easy to find enough incentive and motivation for such an ambitious combination of career and part-time studies, Bastian is happy when he receives moral support from his private environment. “It helps me a lot when those around me are also studying and learning, because then I’m in my element and I’ve done several homework assignments in a week. I’m not so keen on studying for exams,” he says with a wink. In order to focus entirely on work and study, he even recently moved into a smaller apartment with his girlfriend so that there would be as little time as possible for cleaning or maintenance. “Another advantage is that we hardly lose any time traveling back and forth, since we chose an apartment in the middle of the city, in the so-called heart of Tübingen,” he says, summing up the new choice of apartment. Everything is accessible by bicycle, the car is not moved, except for trips to his customers.

Bastian playing soccer

So many honorary posts and hobbies …

… but “somehow everything always works out”. And studying isn’t even the only thing “Basti”, as he is usually called, does in his spare time. He is also interested in politics and is involved in several honorary offices. “I also sit on the senate of my university, where as an elected student representative I can help shape university life at SRH Fernhochschule in my second term and represent the concerns of students,” he lets us know enthusiastically.

How there is still time to be on the committee of one of the biggest sports clubs in Tübingen – SV 03 Tübingen – and even to play soccer yourself, one wonders. But Basti’s solution-oriented approach, his positive attitude and, above all, his pleasure in working with people make him a suitable candidate for these honorary posts. In the end, his other hobbies of swimming, meeting friends, and most importantly listening to podcasts, from private topics to politics to ‘data’, also get a spot. His motto: “Somehow everything always works out” gives him the necessary confidence and composure to reconcile his many tasks.

Sales turbo with all-round service

And so the arc closes to his professional tasks and focal points. Here, too, he can combine the diverse tasks with his enjoyment of contact with people and, in addition, help his customers to simplify procedures and improve processes by optimizing and automating them. “Right now we have a great project for acquiring new customers that helps the sales department lose less time: digital approach combined with call center services, an all-round service, so to speak, from initial contact to making an appointment,” Bastian enthuses. He is also convinced of the ‘basics’ at Schober, e.g. the topic of data quality, cleansing and validationThe customer can save costs in several areas through good data quality of the customer data. Not only does advertising not go nowhere and actually reach the intended recipient – costs can also be saved internally. Staff often spend a lot of time maintaining and researching customer data. This allows existing staff to focus on more profitable work.”

And what do the colleagues say?

They love their Basti, see him as an absolute asset to the consulting team and appreciate his helpfulness and collegiality.
“What I find very impressive about Basti is that as soon as you talk to him for a minute, you immediately get the feeling that it’s a good fit.” “Basti manages to impress in no time with his likeability and always shows genuine interest in the person he is talking to.” “As a team leader, I can say that Basti has enriched the team since day one. Whenever he is in the office, the mood is good.” Well, that’s great feedback – all you can say is: keep it up!

Of happiness, freedom and the desire to advance Europe as a business location

And what’s next, now that so much of the digitalization driver has been covered with your studies and Schober, what goals and wishes are still open? we would like to know. “Definitely continue studying when I’m done with my current studies; MBA Digital Marketing would still appeal to me.” Basti reflects and then sums up with optimism: “I’d like to promote Europe as a business location with digital topics. There is still so much potential that can be leveraged. And I’m happy to have the freedom to do things I want to do.”

He has set himself a high goal. A nice incentive for all further projects. We wish him every success and all the best.

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