How Viking wins new customers

B2B e-mail marketing for new customer acquisition

  • New acquisition channels for efficient B2B growth in Europe
  • Success in data-driven marketing depends on data quality
  • E-mail convinces and activates thousands of new customers
Viking Akquise mit E-Mail

Office Depot Germany/Viking: International shipper of office supplies

Scissors, stamps, furniture or cleaning supplies – if you’re looking for office supplies, you’re in good hands at Viking in Germany. The office supplies retail brand, which is part of the European Office Depot group, is now successful in eight European countries and employs over 1,500 people in Europe. Viking’s recipe for success: one stop store for your workplace, innovative and data-driven marketing, and great customer service.

Challenge: New acquisition channels for efficient B2B growth in Europe

In order to grow across Europe, acquire new customers and expand existing customers, Viking relies on the Schober data universe in combination with the analysis and marketing expertise of the Schober Information Group. In addition to tried-and-true marketing – SEO, SEM, catalog mailings and field sales, Viking has developed new ways with Schober: 1. data quality assurance 2. market potential analyses & target group clustering as well as 3. international B2B e-mail marketing.

Viking office supplies

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Solution: Data Quality, Analysis & Scoring, B2B Emailing

Success in data-driven marketing depends on data quality. Therefore, Viking and Schober start with a data quality check including data enrichment. Now we have enough data for analyses: What addressable market potential is there in Europe, in Germany, in the UK? Which types of companies predominate? What are the portfolio synergies? These are examples of questions from the potential and customer value analyses that lead to target group clustering. Company potentials targeted by Viking via email campaigns to specific groups.

E-mail convinces and activates thousands of new customers

What comes out? Viking and Schober initially carry out analyses and e-mail marketing in Germany with great success. Thousands of new customers are convinced, so that the positive experience is also transferred to other European markets: After Austria and the UK, the next market on the agenda is Belgium. With international data partners and its data expertise, Schober manages the international roll-out of B2B marketing campaigns.

Outlook: Constant dripping wears the stone instead of mayflies

Viking is so pleased with the success that they have scaled up: Data quality and data enrichment run monthly – as do analytics and scoring. The return on marketing investment is particularly interesting when compared to search engine marketing. Why? “Contacts we acquire via search engines are usually only seen once. We can turn customers from Schober email campaigns into loyal existing customers. This is exactly in line with our positioning: One Stop Shop for your workplace, innovative and data-driven marketing and great customer service,” says Sandy Kirchhoff, Senior Manager Commercial Marketing Europe


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