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With the data enrichment of current additional information from the Schober data universe, you create the prerequisite for a valuable qualification of your address database.


Increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy with this unbeatable database. After all, successful marketing depends to a large extent on in-depth knowledge of your target group and gives your company the decisive competitive edge.


For successful marketing, selective analyses and a professional customer approach, companies should know their customers very well – also and especially beyond their purchase history.


Whether customers, prospects or website visitors – enrich your data with additional information from all areas of life (private addresses) or business areas (company addresses) for a 360-degree perspective on your customers.


The Schober Data Universe

Enrichment of …

Benefit from the enrichment of billions of additional descriptive features from our Schober data universe with 58 million private addresses. Expand your database with interesting characteristics such as consumer behavior or socio-demographics as well as additional information from two unique surveys of your own: The Schober individual home evaluation as well as Germany’s largest household survey, the Lifestyle Market Analysis and Consumer Survey. The so-called Schober Home Segments give you an insight into the diversity of our billions of features with a wide variety of characteristics.

In the business customer sector, too, adding valuable additional information from Schober to your database gives you a decisive competitive advantage, as you massively expand your analysis base.

  • 4 million management decision-makers: managing directors, board members, owners, etc.
  • Over 1 million second-level decision makers in marketing, HR, sales, finance, legal, security and more.
  • Unique, up-to-date, verified by phone.
  • 6,500 detailed industries with extensive additional information such as sales and employee numbers, vehicle fleet, advertising activity, geo-coordinates, building information, technology usage, and much more.

We enrich your customer master data with additional geographic information (spatial structures) as well as company-external market data (e.g. socio-demographic structures) to broaden your basis for important business decisions.

Both for B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer): Link our geographic features with your customer and address data for successful location planning, target group analysis, potential and competition analysis, microgeographic market segmentation, and service and sales optimization.

The data assignment can be done for a single house, a street section, a street, a district or for a complete town. The geomarketing information can be enriched via interface directly when entering the address or conveniently added to large databases via a one-time upload.

In order to be able to enrich as much data as possible, we always recommend that the data be subjected to data cleansing in advance. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

How does data enrichment benefit you?

Gain a competitive edge: In an ever-changing business world, it is essential to stay one step ahead. Using data enrichment gives you a clear competitive advantage by enabling you to make informed decisions based on data and continuously optimize your marketing strategy.


You can see the concrete advantages of an enriched database in the slider on the right:

Completion of incomplete address data records
Creation of more detailed customer profiles
Improved analysis of your customer base through relevant additional information
360-degree perspective on target groups for greater customer retention and loyalty
Optimization of your target group segmentation
More successful lead generation through analyses of an improved database
The data universe always at your fingertips

Schober data via API

Would you like to have the characteristics regularly delivered directly to your systems via interface? No problem!
Use our interface to immediately and easily access our extensive company and contact database in the B2B area as well as our personal database in the B2C area. In this way, our API supports you in digitizing and automating your business processes and improves the data quality in your CRM or ERP system.

Your added value at a glance:

Completion of incomplete data Enrichment of existing data with additional information Continuous data maintenance Improve your external communication Easy integration into your systems via API Flexible billing according to demand
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Did you know?

udo enriches your data automatically

udo stands for universal data orchestration and is a next generation CDP.

udo is the only CDP with an integrated data universe from which your data is automatically enriched in udo. This gives you unique insights into your customer and prospect data at the touch of a button. And not only that! All other necessary stages for successful digitization of marketing and sales are of course integrated – from data merging (data fusion) and cleansing to analysis and automated existing customer communication.


Unique highlight:

Based on the insights in udo, you transfer your target groups to the integrated Schober data and thus control your new customer acquisition directly from udo across all channels!

Never worry about outdated, incomplete, or uninformative CRM records again!

Would you like to know more about data enrichment? We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Simply fill out the form with your data and your request. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can also make an appointment directly via Calendly.

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