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The Schober Information Group introduces itself

Schober Information Group Deutschland GmbH supports its customers in the digitalization of sales and marketing.

The basis of all services is our unbeatable data universe with millions of data and billions of characteristics. Accompanying measures such as data merging and cleansing, the enrichment of customer data with Schober characteristics, AI-driven sales and marketing analyses, and precisely tailored advertising targeting across all channels are bundled automatically in the universal data orchestration platform – udo for short. A SaaS platform for all marketing requirements in digitalized sales.


We stand for data-driven sales and marketing support.

With our experience we drive innovation and with our solutions we create lasting added value for our customers.

Our self-developed 4-step method approach of the “Brahm’s staircase” ensures clear, measurable results. We develop for our customers the systematic development of their relevant target groups in B2B and B2C.

To achieve this, we start with the (stage 1) – the quality of the data in our customers’ systems. Afterwards it goes to the enrichment (stage 2) of valuable additional information from the Schober data universe. This enables you to perform AI-driven sales and marketing analysis (stage 3) on a completely new level. Finally campaigns (stage 4) are targeted at the right groups with the right message, more accurately than ever, via the right channels – postal, e-mail, digital – at the right time with the relevant content.

Schober also offers all this automatically in the universal data orchestration platform “udo” and thus sets new standards in data-driven marketing. udo finally makes the 360° customer view real, analyzes the customer journey in real time and ensures individualized customer interaction across channels – for a sustainable increase in your business success.

Schober’s strength clearly lies in its extensive data universe. udo combines customer data platform (CDP) and customer prediction platform (CPP). However, first-party customer data can only realize its full potential for best-in-class artificial intelligence (AI) and automated machine learning when combined with our third-party top-level data.

Tradition meets innovation

Schober in the course of time

Foundation of the “Stuttgarter Adressenbüro” by Erwin Schober (12sqm, 3 employees); collection of company data on punched cards
Klaus Schober joins the company; he left his mark on the company until his death in 2013
Long into the 60s
… target group marketing was pure manual work (metal embossing plates, manual sorting)
End of 60s
Print shop with high-speed presses; Schober is the first company to offer full service with target group analysis, direct marketing strategies, mail service and success monitoring
Early 70s
Beginning of the electronic age – Schober switches address recording to computers
Mid 70s
Move to Ditzingen; launch of lettershop
1986 until today
House evaluation: initially manual inspection of 21 million houses by more than 1,400 employees (today electronic evaluation e.g. satellite images)
Opening of a first branch abroad (Switzerland)
Klaus Schober becomes President of the German Direct Marketing Association (DDV)
Creation of a new database for B2B and also B2C, taking into account the new German states
Realignment; focus on the core competence “Intelligence around the address”.
1996 until 2012
Schober conducts lifestyle consumer surveys with up to 1,500 different pieces of information on all areas of life
Schober expands its range of services (lead generation, telemarketing, standalone e-mail campaigns, campaign management)
Klaus Schober receives the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon
After the death of his father, Ulrich Schober takes over the management of the company
as of 2016
Schober offers cross-media multi-channel campaigns (mobile, display or Facebook)
Data collection Mobile movement data (geofencing); move to new company building in Leinfelden-Echterdingen (near Stuttgart Airport)
With the launch of “udo”, a next-generation customer data platform, Schober digitalizes its entire portfolio
Peter Ambrus, Martin Brahm and Sylvia Türcke are new owners of Schober Information Group Deutschland GmbH after successful management buyout
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