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With data cleansing and its fusion from all necessary sources, you make your database usable for marketing and sales. But important information quickly exists in different data silos in an inconsistent format and gradually becomes outdated.


Data is our business – for more than 75 years. We consolidate and cleanse your data from a wide variety of sources. This provides you with a uniform data basis for all subsequent activities – whether enrichment with valuable additional information or analyses or a clean customer approach.

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Data cleansing

Data cleansing for business or consumer addresses: Customer data is constantly changing. Every year, for example, more than 8% of all companies move, change their name or close down. In the private address sector, the changes even amount to 30% per year.

With Schober, you keep your ERP, CRM, mail system and dialer clean. We check your data, correct, clean and update it for an optimal address database – nationally and internationally.

Why is correct data important?

On the one hand, outdated master data leads to incorrect analysis interpretations and evaluations of any kind.

On the other hand, high-quality address material represents a significant contribution to the success of sales-supporting direct marketing campaigns. Whether machine-generated address lists or manually entered data – high error sources and a lack of up-to-dateness quickly lead to outdated or duplicate data records. Sources of error can arise, for example, due to relocation or closure of a business, street renaming, changes of place names, deaths, changes of position in companies, employee turnover or simply a classic typing error.

Every incorrect address and return reduces the effect and efficiency of your marketing or sales campaigns.

Every day, address data reaches your company via numerous channels – by phone, e-mail, mail or online – and duplicates (i.e., double or multiple redundant data records) are created again and again. Thus, duplicates usually multiply unrecognized in your business applications and cause both annoyance for the recipient and additional work for your company. In a well-maintained CRM system, experience has shown that around 5% of addresses are contained twice or more than once. Depending on the age and maintenance of the data sets, this can quickly reach 30%. Analyses carried out on the basis of poor or redundant data lead to incorrect strategic decisions. This results in wrong decisions when selecting the target group, which means that the campaign will probably not bring the desired success.

The efficient solution to this problem is professional data cleansing including elimination of identified duplicates. By combining phonetic search, fuzzy search and error-tolerant search, Schober’s data cleansing guarantees the highest quality – nationally and internationally.

Address analysis and formatting Address correction Comparison of the address database against various blacklists Permanent actuality check Automated or batch update before a system change, a large campaign or at individually desired intervals (daily possible)
Breaking up your data silos through …


Do you want to have your customer master data in one place and seamlessly connect it from different sources? Then data merging (data fusion) is the solution. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, merging your data from multiple sources and formats is key to providing a unified 360° customer view.

Our intelligent data management services break down your data silos by permanently merging, cleansing, and enriching data from multiple sources and formats as needed. With data integration, even heterogeneous data sets can be effortlessly prepared and optimized for demanding marketing goals.

Individually configurable management of your customer data Dissolve data silos and merge them intelligently New data pool centralizes heterogeneous data from different sources No redundancies in data management due to the elimination of duplicates Formation of a unique so-called golden record No complex integration project – data fusion as a one-time service (cleansing action) or automated and permanent through interface connection as well as alternatively integrated in our Customer Data Platform udo

Why is a consistent database useful? It is the basic requirement for a better understanding of the customer, the derivation of cross- and up-selling potentials or optimization of customer service or adherence to compliance requirements.

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Checking your data quality

Data is the most valuable trivial thing in the world, until lack of maintenance becomes a problem. Benefit from our decades of expertise in data quality and get an in-depth view of how you can use your CRM data more effectively.

With our Data Quality Check we identify possible weak points and show you how you can improve the quality of your data (business or private customers) and keep it continuously up to date. Based on an extract from your customer database, we check your data in the Data Quality Check to ensure that it is up-to-date and complete. Detailed and clear reporting shows you corresponding cleanup or enrichment recommendations from our extensive Schober database.

During optimization, we first analyze, structure and standardize the data, compare address components against reference data, correct them if necessary or enrich them with additional information from our Schober data universe. Customized data quality is our claim and has been the focus at Schober for over 75 years.

Try our address cleansing services now to ensure your data is always reliable, accurate and up-to-date.

A data quality check includes, among other things:

Detailed address structure analysis Clear result report Final presentation and consultation by our data and analysis experts
Did you know?

udo automatically merges and cleans your data

udo stands for universal data orchestration and is a next generation CDP.

You can connect any number of data sources to udo. When uploading your data to udo, it will be cleaned automatically. And not only that! All other necessary steps for successful digitization of marketing and sales are naturally integrated – from data enrichment and analysis with valuable customer insights to automated existing customer communication.


Unique highlight:

Based on the insights in udo, you transfer your target groups to the integrated Schober data and thus control your new customer acquisition directly from udo across all channels!


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