Digitization in CRM, sales and marketing

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udo - powered by Schober


Gain new customers.

Increase existing customer sales.

Reduce processing costs.

Realize uplift in sales
free up your sales resources
Reduce your processing costs

Only with udo you use AI and the power of data.

Common Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) work with first-party data, i.e. the customer’s own CRM data. However, these are neither cleaned up nor enriched, nor is there access to genuine new potential. As a result, the analytical view always remains one-dimensional on existing contacts and lacks access to additional potential in the area of new customer acquisition.

udo stands for universal data orchestrationand is a next generation CDP.

Both in the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) segments.

bundled in only one platform

The 4 steps to your success – automated in udo

1. data cleansing & fusion
A clean data basis is the foundation of success in sales and marketing. To do this, udo breaks up your data silos, brings all sources together to the point and cleanses the data – for a 360° view of your data inventory.
2. data enrichment
The data universe integrated in udo enriches your data with valuable additional information and puts it in relation to the nationwide potential (4.5 million business addresses and 58 million consumer addresses, each with billions of characteristics). Immediately get comprehensive insights about your customers and prospects.
3. target group analyses & AI
Through the expanded data base and udo’s Artificial Intelligence (AI), you learn more about customer types, behaviors and buying motives. Machine learning (ML) algorithms show you the perfect target group as the basis for targeted campaigns or automated contact routes – all at a glance in udo.
4. campaigns & orchestration
Automate your existing customer communications. udo triggers any desired system. In addition, use the new potential integrated in udo from our data universe for powerful new customer campaigns on all channels (digital and print) in an AI-supported orchestration!
With udo, we are significantly increasing our digital sales. We expect to generate up to an additional 2,000 leads per year. The way to the customer is shorter and faster, this is a convincing result from the cooperation with Schober.
Frank Bieletzki, bevo
Frank Bieletzki, Managing Director
bevo Vertriebs GmbH
Raja uses udo von Schober to get to know new customers better and to evaluate them. With the help of udo, we address new customers at the right time via the appropriate sales channel and thus offer you an outstanding customer experience.
Peter Blumenschein, RAJAPACK
Peter Blumenschein, Head of Business Development
We’ve been revolutionizing laundry drawers since 1993, and now we’re revolutionizing our marketing and all customer communications. With Schober udo, bruno banani is ideally positioned to systematically tap data as an asset.
Jan Jassner, bruno banani
Jan Jassner, Managing Director
bruno banani GmbH
udo offers both high-quality data and intelligent technology. In addition, udo works DSGVO compliant and respects our data sovereignty as a platform user.
Martina Timmer, Managing Director
Gastronomy department store.com
A look into the system

The 4 levels inside udo

udo - Stufe 1: Datenquellen
Stage 1: Data integration & cleansing
Your sources and how they match the data universe
udo - Stufe 1: Datenintegration
Stage 1: Data integration & cleansing
Your consolidated data sources
udo - Stufe2: Data Insights
Stage 2: Data enrichment
How is your data distributed compared to the Schober data universe
udo - Stufe 3: Analytics - Einstiegsprodukt
Stage 3: Target group analyses & AI
Deep insights into your customers, prospects and potentials
udo - Stufe 3: Analytics - Lead Score
Stage 3: Target group analyses & AI
Deep insights into your customers, prospects and potentials
udo - Stufe 3: Analytics - Multibuyer
Stage 3: Target group analyses & AI
Deep insights into your customers, prospects and potentials
udo - Stufe 3: Analytics - Neupotenziale
Stage 3: Target group analyses & AI
Deep insights into your customers, prospects and potentials
udo - Stufe 3: Analytics - Next Best Product
Stage 3: Target group analyses & AI
Deep insights into your customers, prospects and potentials
udo - Stufe 3: Analytics - Sales Trend
Stage 3: Target group analyses & AI
Deep insights into your customers, prospects and potentials
udo - Stufe 3: Analytics - Saisonality
Stage 3: Target group analyses & AI
Deep insights into your customers, prospects and potentials
udo stufe3 ABC Analyse
Stage 3: Target group analyses & AI
Deep insights into your customers, prospects and potentials
udo - Stufe 4: Kampagnen Profile
Stage 4: Campaigns & Orchestration
Profiles for new customer campaigns
PMA in udo_Kampagnen
Stage 4: Campaigns & Orchestration
Profiles for print mailing automation
PMA in udo_Profil für Kampagne
Stage 4: Campaigns & Orchestration
Campaign for print mailing automation
udo - Stufe 4: Kampagnen Report
Stage 4: Campaigns & Orchestration
Campaigns report
YOUR GOALS at the …

Digitization of sales and marketing

Neukunden Bestandskunden Kosten

Advantages of digitization regarding …

  • Data Analytics and AI

    Reduction of process and acquisition costs with automated contact routes

  • Sales Resources
    Reduction of personnel required for selection, evaluation and initial contact with suitable target customers
  • Digital technologies
    Central processing and dissolution of data silos with permanent data maintenance for smooth automatisms
  • Campaigns

    Central control, optimization of return on advertising spend and improvement of customer communication


udo – the only next generation CDP with a complete data universe for …

a clean database
real AI (with training data)
valuable new potential

Meaningful analyses only work with “clean” and comprehensive data.

In udo, both data cleansing and data enrichment are already integrated.

True AI (Artificial Intelligence) only works with billions of learning data sets.

udo stands for universal data orchestrationand has the Schober data universe in its belly with 4.6 million company data, 58 million person data and billions of characteristics.

With udo and the Schober Data Universe, you not only automate your existing customer communications as you would with ordinary CDPs, but you get real value for deep customer insights, AI-powered automation of your lead processes, and endless opportunities in new customer acquisition.

Consumer data (persons/houses)
Business data (companies)

58 million postal addresses
120 million mobile advertiser IDs
22 million e-mail addresses
19 million houses information

each with billions of additional descriptive characteristics
(e.g., sociodemographics, leisure, automotive, energy, travel, media, and more).

4.6 million postal addresses
5 million decision makers
3.3 million e-mail addresses
1 million mobile contacts

each with billions of additional descriptive characteristics
(e.g. industry, company size, employee class, technologies, website keywords, etc.)

Automation of the future

Data and digitization. We can do both.

udo easily connects to your systems and applications, manages your entire lead funnel for more conversions, and grows with you and your needs.

With udo you automate simple tasks and complex processes in marketing and sales. This saves you time, increases data precision and improves your customer contacts.


Click through the slider on the right.

Over 5,000 apps can be connected without IT effort. Connect the tools you already use today. And will use tomorrow.
Over 40,000 automated processes and contact routes, each with up to 100 individual actions per day. And every day there are more.
Conditional workflows
Create simple multi-step workflows in your lead acquisition processes and set conditions (if/then) for individual steps. Let udo act the same way you do – only automated.

udo – the only reasonable basis for:

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Targeted campaigns or automated contact routes.
Digital or print.
Reduce effort and maximize your success!

Sales Automation

Sales Automation

Drive your leads to close and next purchase in an automated way.
Up- & cross-selling at the highest level.

…for more sales through:


Existing customer expansion


New customer acquisition

udo or udo premium

The most important functions at a glance

Start small and test first?

Your easy entry into marketing automation with the udo Starter Kit

The functionalities and set-up of a customer data platform can appear complex at first glance. Although udo is very easy to use, you may first want to familiarize yourself with the numerous added values that udo offers you.


This is exactly why we developed our udo Starter Kit.



What is a Customer Data Platform?

All company data is collated and stored within a Customer Data Platform (CDP). This includes, for example, customer data, prospect data, campaign data, enriched data, customer care data, offline data, behavioral data, transaction data and much more. This 360-degree view of each individual customer is also known as a single customer view and is used for marketing activities and analyses. A customer data platform can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. for email automation, print mailing automation, digital product consulting or internal process automation through to comprehensive sales digitization.

How much effort do I have if I want to use udo?

There is hardly any effort involved, so using udo is not comparable to implementing a normal customer data platform. You simply load your data into udo using a simple mapping – the platform does the rest for you. We will be happy to assist you with the details.

Where is udo hosted and is my data secure?

udo is “hosted and made in Germany”. The servers of our Software-as-a-Service platform udo are located in a secured server room and of course meet all modern requirements regarding security and technology.

How does Print Mailing Automation work?

Print Mailing Automation sends – as the name suggests – single mailings or large quantities depending on your wishes and defined triggering events (e.g. a specific promotion, a birthday, a registration etc.).

Emails are often quickly clicked away. However, print mailings are still a great lever for a successful relationship when communicating with existing customers.

Through our cooperation with Deutsche Post, udo is able to initiate the fully automated individualization, printing and dispatch of print mailings via an interface.

Deutsche Post’s print mailing automation guarantees an individual and personal approach – regardless of whether a single mailing or a mass mailing is being sent. Schobers udo sets the triggers and without delay the advertising materials go directly to Deutsche Post for printing and dispatch. Take your customer communication to the next level with udo and Deutsche Post!

Here you can find more information about print mailing automation and the interaction with udo.

What distinguishes udo from a Data Management Platform (DMP)?

A DMP are strong in handling large amounts of data and deep analysis. This also offers udo. But in addition to the integrated DMP functionalities, udo delivers the tools of a Customer Management Platform (CDP): stream analytics of the customer journey, data mapping and customer discovery. udo is therefore DMP plus CDP.

What distinguishes udo from a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

The integrated data universe makes udo a CDP “PLUS”. udo provides important functionalities of a CDP such as the merging of data silos and the real-time analysis of the journey via a convenient user interface. But that’s just the beginning: In addition to company and event data, marketing specialists often need third-party data to segment and accurately describe target groups. If you want to create personas and search for statistical twins, you also need tools for qualitative data analysis that you would otherwise find in a Data Management Platform (DMP). udo is therefore CDP plus DMP.

Can companies also use udo with first party data?

Yes, in any case, companies can also use udo only with their own first party data. Even with your own data, you can use udos to analyze the customer journey and deliver messages to the right audience. The precise coordination of touchpoints by means of data networking alone creates enormous added value. This is also shown by the term “orchestration”: accompany your customers harmoniously all the way to the transaction.

Why is Schober suddenly making software now?

In fact, Schober Software has been making software for 75 years! Software has always been an important part of our business. Based on many years of expertise in the field of personal and business data, we have always offered you the decisive technologies and competencies to successfully address your target groups along the customer journey. We have now bundled technology and know-how into one platform: udo turns crude oil data into fuel for your marketing.

Is udo DSGVO compliant?

Yes, udo’s data processing is DSGVO compliant. This way, you drive the digitization of your sales and don’t have to worry about data protection.

How does udo succeed in addressing my target groups correctly?

udo succeeds in addressing the target groups correctly thanks to the many different modules that give udo a huge marketing intelligence. These make udo an all-in-one solution for your digital sales. From cleansing your aggregated data to analyzing it automatically using artificial intelligence to targeting your customers, udo manages your digital sales. This qualitative data analysis and marketing automation gives you an accurate picture of your target audience and also knows the perfect channel to reach them.

How does udo succeed in individual marketing and the digitalization of sales?

udo is precisely designed for individual marketing and the digitalization of sales. In the field of MarTech Solutions, artificial intelligence combined with marketing intelligence is indispensable. However, what makes udo better than most other providers of digitization in sales is the total package of the 4 steps. Data cleansing, qualitative data analysis, segmentation as well as customer targeting all come from a single source. This is what makes udo so practical and attractive in the field of marketing automation.


udo = universal data orchestration:
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