udo and udo premium

The most important functions at a glance

(Basic license)
udo Premium
*only at Schober!
in CDP comparison
Basic license plus following exemplary functions and analyses (according to requirements)
Data basisManual or automated flat file upload from any number of data sources

Data formatting and cleansing*
Interface programming to your data sources; import duplicate information back into your systems*.

Restore cleansed data to your systems*.
Data enrichmentMatching with and enrichment of the complete Schober data universe (approx. 58 million data with billions of features)

Customer insights / customer profiling, filterable by data source, product groups, regionality (max. 3)
Export of enriched features from the Schober data universe*.

Arbitrary extension of filter functions and regionalities
AnalysesLead score new customer potentials from data universe (max. 3 models)

scanned potential data for new customer acquisition:*
Private customers: 2 million contacts (per lead score model); company data: 500,000 companies (per lead score model)

Entry-level product analysis (per data source) for optimal targeting of new customers

Cross-sell analysis (Next Best Offer) for existing customer expansion
Arbitrary extension of the lead score models

Arbitrary expansion of potential data up to the complete data universe as well as information on channel affinity, reachability index* and closing probability

Extension by any filter options, e.g. customer segments

Extension by any filter options, e.g. product groups, different product combinations
Optional analyses Customer lifetime value (customer value analysis)
Sales potential analysis
Churn Prediction
ABC analysis
Multi-Buyer Analysis
Seasonality analysis
Market basket analysis per segment (AOV)
Customer journey with online AND offline sources
Website visitor recognition (B2B)
Voucher evaluation
According to requirement
Campaigns (planning and execution)Marketing plan incl. Cost and ROI calculation (Campaign Analytics)

Use of scanned potential data via all available channels (both own data and Schober data)*.

Print mailing automation (B2B / B2C)* from individual to bulk mailing (via Deutsche Post) for existing communication and
New customer acquisition*

Emailing automation (B2B / B2C) for new customer acquisition* and existing customer communication via various emailing tool connections (e.g. Optimizely, Sendinblue …)
Customization of the marketing plan and campaign analytics

In addition to print and e-mail, >90 million mobile advertising IDs (MAID)* available for mobile and display targeting
OtherDashboard with company logo

4 roles for individual access and usage restrictions
Increasing the granularity of evaluations / displays

Extended, individual role concept

White label solution
*only at Schober!

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