Data Audit

Data is the most valuable secondary concern in the world until the lack of maintenance becomes a problem. Take advantage of the expertise of our consultants and get an overview of how you can use your data effectively. We check the quality of your data using an excerpt from your customer database. This provides you with assurance and, at the end of the process, with clear reporting. Depending on the results, we can also support you with address cleansing. After all, data quality is business-critical and a prerequisite for your success.
A free data quality check includes:

Structural analysis of addresses and much more

Clear and comprehensive report documents the results

Final presentation and consulting with our data and analysis experts


Whether B2C or B2B: addresses and customer data are constantly changing. Every year, for example, more than 8% of all businesses move, trade under a new name or shut down. We will help you keep your ERP, CRM, mail system and dialer in shape. We check your data, correct, purge and update it for the most optimal address database.

Address analysis and Formatting

Address correction

Comparison of address list against various restricted lists

Up-to-date information on commercial register companies

Continual topicality monitoring of commercial enterprises, freelancers and self-employed persons, associations, etc.

Automatic updating or batch updating before a system change, a large campaign or at individually desired intervals (possible daily)


More knowledge about customers thanks to additional data! Do certain customers perform better for you than others in your campaigns? Qualify customers, prospects and website visitors and enrich data with additional information from all areas of life for a 360 degree perspective on your customers.

Analysis of relevant additional information for the definition of your customer base

Enhancement with up to 30 standard attributes or individually generated attributes for your customer base

360-degree perspective on target groups ensures customer loyalty and satisfaction

More knowledge about customers creates competitive advantages and new customer potential

Case Study

Data Integration

Intelligent data management solutions continuously consolidate, cleanse and enrich data from all customer touchpoints as needed. With Data Integration, even diverse data sets can be easily prepared and optimised for the most demanding marketing goals.

Individually configurable management of your customer data

Panoramic view: Connect and overcome data silos

Data pool centralises diverse data from different sources

Analysis TargetBase

We offer you one of the most comprehensive B2C marketing analysis data pools in Germany. Unlock efficient targeting opportunities with diverse target group potential.
58 million private addresses of various pool partners with additional features such as consumer behavior or socio-demographics as well as information from our two unique surveys: The Schober individual household evaluation as well as Germany's largest household survey, the lifestyle market analysis and consumer survey.

58 million private addresses of various pool partners with additional features such as consumer behavior or socio-demographics

Business TargetBase

We can provide you Germany's leading database for B2B marketing so that you can effectively win new customers and increase customer loyalty.

Up to 4.5 million companies, depending on method of communication used

4 million management decision-makers: managing directors, board members of corporations, owners of commercial enterprises and others.

Over 1 million second-tier decision-makers in marketing, human resources, sales, finance, legal, security and more. Unique, up-to-date, and all checked by telephone.

Contact by mail, telephone, e-mail, mobile display or social media possible.

6,500 retail business, extensive supplementary B2B information such as sales figures and number of employees, operating capital, vehicle fleet information, homepage, telephone number, special information such as advertising activity, Internet affinity, mail order affinity, as well as geo coordinates, building information, area data, media use, technology use and much more.

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