How utilities are shaping the transformation

Sales and marketing in the liberalized energy market

Energiemarkt Transformation

Energy transition, liberalization, transformation

The energy industry with its utilities and municipal utilities is in the midst of restructuring. If Germany’s players in the energy market want to survive, they will have to reinvent themselves in the areas of sales and marketing and rethink their business models. This applies to the core products and the switch to renewable energies. But the transformation goes much deeper: customers’ requirements have grown beyond just energy supply, and digitization offers new opportunities and requires new offerings. At the same time, new players beyond the typical utilities and municipal utilities are entering the market – comparison portals, providers from outside the industry, international disruptors.

Sales and marketing are crucial to the success of the transformation. Liberalized markets open up new opportunities, but also dissolve the established bond between supplier and customer. Interaction with high value for customers is therefore one of the key success factors for the transformation to succeed. If a utility or municipal utility wants to make better offers on competitive markets in the long term, it has to know its customers and their requirements in detail.

The white paper first looks at the five most important transformation fields of the energy transition and highlights their significance for the industry as a whole and specifically for marketing and sales managers. The second part summarizes the consequences of the transformation for CMOs and CSOs, and then presents a concrete solution concept for the upcoming tasks in the following part. The last part is dedicated to concrete use cases in order to convey practical knowledge and possible applications. In view of the large number of challenges, we are only showing a selection; we will be happy to provide you with further material and background on request.



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