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Cookieless Targeting
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The end of third-party cookies marks a turning point in the field of online tracking and data-based advertising. These cookies enabled advertisers to track and target users across different websites. With their phasing out, advertisers are now faced with the challenge of finding alternative methods to reach their target groups.

In addition to contextual targeting, i.e. ad placements based on the general context of the website and the increased use of first-party data, in which companies draw on their own information about the behaviour of their users on their own websites to offer personalized advertising, other approaches are needed to provide users with personalized content that is relevant to them.

The search for new ways to address target groups is becoming a challenge for advertisers. Third-party cookies enable targeted marketing, their elimination requires the adaptation of strategies and technologies. Data protection concerns and regulatory requirements play an important role here and must be taken into account when developing new approaches.

With its in-depth knowledge of data, Schober Information Group Deutschland GmbH supports its customers in linking online and offline information in compliance with data protection regulations, even without third-party cookies. In this context, it is important to remember that only third-party cookies disappear from the market, but not third-party data.

Now that third-party data encompasses much more than just a postal address, it is possible to link mobile device users with data records from the CRM or relevant data characteristics using deterministic approaches, even without cookies.

This means that it is still possible to use relevant and personalized content in digital and analogue advertising, taking into account the individual data protection requirements of each individual user.


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