udo Starter Kit

Easy entry into marketing automation


Simply upload your data and find new customers:


  • Upload data
  • Merging data sources
  • Determine data quality
  • Calculate lead score
  • Display AI-based lead prediction (potentials)
  • Picking up target groups
  • Start automated communication




udo Starter Kit

Why an udo starter kit?

udo (universal data orchestration) is a next-generation customer data platform. The integrated Schober data universe with company and personal data clearly sets udo apart from other CDPs.


Because with udo …



The functionalities and set-up of a customer data platform can appear complex at first glance. Although udo is very easy to use, you may first want to familiarize yourself with the numerous added values that udo offers you.


This is exactly why we developed our udo Starter Kit. This allows you to use your own (customer) data to find exactly the potential in the Schober data universe (B2B and B2C) with a total of over 60 million pieces of data that are most similar to your customers – the so-called look-alikes.


Use the udo Starter Kit to easily create your first automated communication flows using drag & drop.


You do NOT need any IT resources, but can get started right away and let udo find your customers of tomorrow with his AI today. Test your new customer potential with udo – we’ll show you below how easy it is…

udo Starter Kit

Getting started with marketing automation has never been so easy!


Contents of the udo Starter Kit:

Upload of 2 data sources: usually CRM data and another source such as prospective customers, e-mail subscribers, store customers, etc. – Presentation of data summary Merging of sources, comparison and presentation of overlaps (example statement: How many of my e-mail subscribers are already existing customers?) Checking your data quality with results report: We carry out a postal check and determine the data quality. A) Are the addresses formally correct, how many addresses would we correct? B) Negative information: Advertising refusals (Robinson) and undeliverables. (NOTE: udo cleanses the data in the background to increase the matching rates with the Schober data universe) AI-based lead prediction – analysis of potential according to score groups: Based on your customer data (B2B and B2C), Schober AI calculates a lead score and transfers your existing customer profile to new customer potential and prospect data (if loaded in udo). Benefit: Determination of the current net potential of your TOP new customers + evaluation of your prospective customers according to high, medium or low potential. Automation: Own customer approach and new leads can be qualified and individually addressed based on the lead score. Example: high potential is automatically forwarded to the sales department, medium potential goes to the call center, low potential receives an e-mail. (NOTE: Zapier license included for the automation of processes and communication: 2,000 zaps (actions) / month) Selection from the complete Schober data universe possible (B2B and B2C)*
udo powered by Schober
It’s that simple!

A look inside your udo Starter Kit!

DATA QUALITY: Postal analysis
DATA QUALITY: Negative comparison
LEADSCORE: Potentials
LEADSCORE: Prediction
Lots of power for little investment

The udo Starter Kit as a monthly or annual license

  • Monthly license: 350€ / month (can be terminated monthly at the end of the following month)
  • with annual license: 300€ / month (can be canceled 3 months before the end of the term, otherwise extension for another 12 months)
  • *Use of Schober data for marketing purposes according to price list Print B2B/B2C and/or E-Mail B2B/B2C


  • Optional: Extension of the Zapier license to 5,000 Zaps per month: plus 80 € / month
  • Optional: Re-import of the cleansed data (previously only in the background) into your systems: according to price list, on request

Would you like to try out the udo Starter Kit? We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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