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Sprawling amounts of data, dissatisfied customers, no new customers in sight… then it’s time for a Customer Data Plaform. In the course of digitalization, companies are constantly generating and collecting large amounts of information. These often end up in different places, distributed across different systems with separate databases that may be physically networked, but not symbiotically. This leads to data silos, the scope of which is constantly increasing, but the benefits are sometimes reduced due to the immense administrative effort. This is where an application comes into play that links various data sources, combines and cleanses the data they contain in order to make meaningful use of this processed customer data. This application is the above-mentioned Customer Data Platform. But first things first:

What is a customer data platform?

In the past, the grocer around the corner knew exactly what his customers’ shopping habits were. Mrs. Müller, for example, always bought fresh yeast on Thursday for the yeast plait for the Sunday roast. That’s why the clever grocer always had flour clearly visible in the display on these days, so that Mrs. Müller could also take it away and bake it directly. The grocer memorized the buying habits of his customers and arranged the product range accordingly.

Today, information about customers comes from a variety of sources. Data is collected on websites, in apps, in social media and much more, or is stored in customer databases. There they either remain unused or are used singularly for the medium where they were generated. This is where a customer data platform comes in: it supports companies in collecting, storing and managing data from various sources. It breaks open the data prisons and brings the separately collected information together in one place.

Why a customer data platform?

Only together are we strong – this also applies to data. Platforms such as Wikipedia bundle the knowledge of many into a huge knowledge database. A customer data platform works in a similar way: knowledge from many data sources is bundled together. This results in a multitude of advantages: Everything is centralized in one place, new potential is created from the complementary data, efficiency is increased enormously and much more. Discussions with customers reveal further effects. Increased efficiency and productivity are reported, which is accompanied by a reduction in the workload of employees, who no longer have to spend time evaluating data from various sources, but can work directly with the information processed by the CDP. In addition to the selection, evaluation and initial approach of suitable target customers, customer care is also simplified by automated contact routes and taken out of the day-to-day business.

What does the customer gain from a Customer Data Platform?

A customer is no longer just a buyer: it is about more than the simple purchase of a product or service. Excellent and, above all, personal service is now expected and taken for granted. They want to be provided with customized information and recommendations across all communication channels (if desired). This is exactly what a CDP makes possible: it prepares the information relevant to this customer from the overall portfolio of data and delivers precisely this information via the appropriate channel.

What do you get from a customer data platform?

The quality of the customer experience determines the future path between you and your customers. Personalized communication is an important part of a positive customer experience and should therefore be a standard part of the customer approach, as many companies still do not meet this expectation. With the corresponding consequences: customers do not feel they are in good hands and leave. In view of the fact that the cost of acquiring new customers is significantly higher, the loss is even more serious.

Why Customer Data Platform “PLUS”?

The usual approach with a CDP is to access first-party data. In order to be able to work with them at all, they are brought into the same shape. The result is a packaged data package that provides an all-round view of the customer. This is a big step towards digital sales. To perfect this, however, you need that “PLUS”, that little bit extra. This consists of various components that are used to refine, refine and utilize the data.

PLUS 1: Cleanup
PLUS 2: Enrichment
PLUS 3: Access to new potential

Why “udo” from Schober?

Schober is at home in the world of data. This can also be seen in “udo”, the customer data platform that offers the “PLUS”. With “udo”, the data silos are not only merged, but the data is cleansed in advance, because meaningful analyses work best with clean data. In addition, “udo” enriches the data with information from the integrated data universe. This provides valuable additional information. In addition, the customer’s own data is compared with the potential from the data universe. The result: you can see at a glance what would be possible and have the option of implementing this in “udo” straight away.

PLUS 1: Cleanup at “udo”
Data is not only freed from its silos and merged, but also cleansed. A clean basis for clean work.

PLUS 2: Enrichment with “udo”
Schober’s data expertise, as well as the comparison with the integrated data universe, enhances data with valuable additional information. More knowledge leads to added value, because the expanded database enables the “udo” AI to determine perfect target groups in order to play out campaigns in a targeted manner and automate contact routes.

PLUS 3: New customer potential with “udo”
By analyzing existing customers, “udo” identifies new customer potential from the integrated data universe. These can be used directly from “udo” for new customer campaigns across all channels (digital and print).

Naturally, “udo” adheres to the highest standards in terms of data protection, compliance and security.




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